• Must Have WordPress Plugins to Boost Content SEO

    must have wordpress plugin seo tipsYou’re probably wondering how do I boost my WordPress SEO? With over 120 million blogs on the internet, how can you get your content to gain visibility? If you want to rank well in the search engine result pages and increase traffic, applying search engine best practices to WordPress is essential.
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  • Double Up on Leads – Lead Generation Strategies eBook

    Eleven proven lead generation strategies eBookThe Lead Generation Strategies eBook Available for Download!

    Sales are the driving force behind any business. In order to be profitable you have to have a steady stream of good leads. By now most business owners have figured out they need a killer website in order to attract business but beyond having a website designed that looks pretty and displays a glowing “About Us” section, many of these websites simply aren’t built with the big question in mind and that’s, “how will this website attract leads and convert leads into sales?”
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  • Must Have WordPress Plugins to Improve Slow Website Performance

    Boost website performance speed with WP optimization plugins

    Without good housekeeping, WordPress sites containing many posts and comments will start to become a bit sluggish. Deleted comments, spam comments and post revisions will began to bloat the database, resulting in slower page load time. How does this affect your sales growth?
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  • Multi Channel Marketing is the Key to Successful PR

    PR strategies presentation for Miami International University of Art and DesignThis month the CEO, Nan Ross, had the pleasure of speaking with the PR & Promotion student from Miami International University of Art & Design about the importance of integrating multi channel marketing for a successful PR campaign. Public Relations, promotion students, and advertising CEOs simply cannot ignore this fact.

    The digital marketing industry is developing by the day and keeping up with new technologies on a day-to-day basis is surely a tall task. Those who wish to make a career out of this highly competitive, yet creative field have no other option but to learn the best methods for effective integration of PR and multi channel marketing.
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  • Digital Marketer Gets a Make Over for 2014

    mobile views of responsive site for creative professionalsCEO and Founder of Corporate Cosmo Digital Marketing Agency receives a new make-over for 2014. The Corporate Cosmo team designed Digital Marketer Nan Ross an one page super responsive site to showcased her responsive designs and marketing case studies. We used the color scheme blue  to match Nan Ross’ cool personality and black for her no nonsense attitude about business.
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